Exposing fckh8 (because feminists are spreading this piece of bullshit like the plague)

fckh8 do not support feminism. 

Like homosexuality and so on, fckh8 does not donate a single penny to organisations they claim to support.

fckh8 are for profit.

For profit – not charitable, they are a tshirt company making money off causes and organisations that do need donations. The company admits it here 

fckh8 actively denied asexuality and pansexuality. And claimed acephobia does not exist because people apparently cannot be oppressed under the law for not having sex.

because Fckh8’s customer service is absolute shite.

feel free to read ALL these reviews from people who have recieved wrong orders or simply not recieved it at all.

Because they encouraged kids to swear to forward an agenda they do not actively support – this is an advertising scam, to get you to pay $20 for a tshirt with an obnoxious and cliche phrase on them, when you could buy one from an actual charitable organisation who need the money to forward issues like homophobia, racism, ableism, and feminism.

And most importantly, charities fckh8 claims to support, do not want fckh8’s donations.  Not that fckh8 were actually planning to donate.

Stop supporting fckh8, they are simply making a profit off serious causes.

They made money off the LGBT movement

They made money off Ferguson

and now, they’re making money off feminism.

And the sheer number of you buying shirts are actively enabling them to continue making money off the oppression of groups of people.


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