#star wars#i stg this is the most millennial fucking movie look at these children#one of them rebelling against an oppressive system that seeks to reduce him to nothing but a number#conditioned to believe his only purpose is to be a cog in a machine#standing up and saying ‘no i am an individual and i can make my own  choices’#and the other one is a lonely isolated survivor who spends every day hoping for her family to come back#who ends up finding a family that she makes her own#completely out of their fucking depth#still managing to do the  right thing while mostly internally screaming ‘aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh’#they both get adopted by cool space parents who give them a sense of value and purpose#and the bad guy is the poster child for entitled white boys with no self control#there’s basically a canon poly relationship#and there’s fucking lightsabers#no wonder we love this shit (@racethewind10)


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