Prince of Egypt Parallels: “A greater Egypt than that of my Father

#i love absolutely everything about these shots#i love how rameses has created a bigger statue than his father before him#i love how the first has some trees and water#and the second has buildings concealing even the far off mountains in the distance#i love how everyones in profile in the first shot#whereas the 2nd shows rameses and moses looking out into the world to see what has become of it#i love how pharaoh has his wife and advisors#the Egyptian royal expectations behind him#i love how theyre not in the second shot#but you can vividly imagine them staring down rameses all the same#i love how the second shot uses much more yellow#signifying gold or anger or perhaps both within Rameses#the rewards for his accomplishments#i love how the camera has zoomed back to make the main characters even MORE dwarfed in comparison to all of this#i love how pharaohs statues eyeline is level with the pyramids/tombs in the far distance#i love how rameses statue is above this#and therefore how rameses sees himself as above even death#I FUCKING LOVE THIS FILM (via @morepopcornplease)

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