#confirmed: rick o’connell will rock back and forth in a hug for comfort  #her character development from 1 to 2 is my fave but what they did with rick is some nice work  #taking
the character from 1 who’s the guy who says ‘i dunno i was about to be
hanged [kissing you] seemed like a good idea at the time’
  #it would seem like the easy and hollywood way to make him all wise-cracking about his married life  #like ‘oh-ho the little woman’s at it again – amirite fellas?’ eye-rolling sorts of unease with his domestic situation  #or chafing at not being a free agent adventurer or something  #or worse- try to create some sort of narrative from conflict between them that needs to be ‘resolved’  #but instead they’re like WHAT IF HE’S RIDE-OR-DIE DEVOTED TO EVIE EVERY MINUTE  #WHAT IF THE ONLY EYE ROLLING HE DOES IS WANTING TO HAVE FIVE GD MINUTES ALONE AND QUIET WITH HIS WIFE  #WHAT IF HE’S CASUALLY DECLARING HIS ‘IF ANYTHING EVER HAPPENED TO YOU’ COMMITMENT WITH EASE  #WHAT IF RICK/EVIE MAINTAIN THE PUSH-PULL FRIENDLY ANTAGONISM OF MOVIE 1 BUT MAKE IT A GOOD THING  #‘OH ALRIGHT WE’LL DO IT YOUR WAY’ ‘HONEY YOU’RE NOT A SUBTLE MAN’  #LIKE IT WAS PART OF THEIR ONGOING AND SUPPORTIVE DYNAMIC  #AND THEY BOTH TAKE JUST ABOUT EVERY OPPORTUNITY TO MUTUALLY JUMP INTO EACH OTHERS ARMS  #AND MAKE OUT JUST FOR FUNSIES  #AFTER 10 YEARS AND A KID  #well done chaps – good development (and one of my fave examples of the Battle Couple trope)  #say it with me now: relationship development =/= ‘now add conflict’  #relationship development can also mean a myriad of other situations – like dealing with an external conflict TOGETHER


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