“It’s interesting, I think the most important moment for me in ‘Yorktown’… I don’t know if people have noticed this, but the ending of ‘Battle of Yorktown’ is the first time the American forces ever put guns in their hands, so to go through the whole show with no guns, and then the moment they win—they have guns in their hands, and they immediately put them down… The moment of putting them down is actually one of my favorite moments in the show. That’s America to me. That’s the American Revolution. That’s our America today. It’s not taking up arms; it’s wanting to put them down so that things can be right. I think that our decision to take out the guns today followed into that. I said to the cast, ‘When you put your not-gun gun to the floor today, that should be the whole show.’” – Andy Blankenbuehler, Hamilton choreographer


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