Hrishikesh Hirway: My first question was going to be, “How long did it take before the subtext of Josh and Donna’s relationship came out?” But it’s amazing that you got it right off the page from the pilot script. I was wondering if there was a point where it shifted from that kind of subtext to something more explicit. Did you guys ever have a conversation? 

Janel Moloney
: Alex Graves directed the Christmas episode in the first season. He was the first director, the first person really, to articulate, “Oh, so you guys are in love? You’re in love. This is totally mutual; in love.” I’d always known that that was sort of my thought process, but to have someone say it in front of Brad… I was kind of embarrassed. I think Brad was kind of hesitant because it was so successful, you didn’t want to mess with it. So Brad was kind of held back about it. Alex was the first person that put one shot in. He allowed Josh to look back at Donna, and have a little bit of longing on his face after he gives me a present. Watching it, you’re like, “OH MY GOD! HE’S IN LOVE WITH HER!” That was the first time. That really solidified it. I thought, “Surely that won’t even make it in the show.” Because they didn’t want to make it that overt, but they did! They put it in, and that was the moment for Josh and Donna.


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