get to know me meme 1/10 pairings → rosa diaz and amy santiago, brooklyn nine-nine.

Blink twice if you’d like me to mercy kill you.

#Brooklyn nine nine is a show #that not only has TWO Latinas in leading roles #these Latinas are nEVER portrayed in a stereotypical way #but at the same time we as an audience are reminded constantly that these are two Latinas who speak Spanish & come from Hispanic backgrounds #NOT JUST THAT #it also makes these two Latinas extremely good friends and colleagues #who have each other’s back because -and this is something the show admits- #they live in a field dominated by men #AND THEN #these Latinas are extremely badass and good at what they do and are so respected by everyone especially the show’s white leading man #and when this leading man does something disrespectful -whether racist or sexist- they call him out on it and put him in his place #AND HE LEARNS AND APOLOGIZES AND ADMITS HIS PRIVILEGE #PLEASE WATCH THIS DUMB SHOW (- @tall-butt)


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