Les Amis Reincarnation AU


So yesterday this kind anon asked me if I had any reincarnation AUs in mind and I didn’t. But of course, I kept thinking about it and :

A reincarnation AU in which every single one of les Amis is reincarnated except Grantaire. Gantaire just… hangs around, not really alive but not really dead either, still himself. He doesn’t age, doesn’t eat, does drink to cope and watches the years stretch before him. He sees the Paris he knew transform in front of his very eyes, the Musain being knocked down and everything feels empty now.

He’s not a ghost, not really. He can still touch things, feels things, but people can’t see him. And when the first of his friends, Joly, gets reincarnated, he feels it in his core. He watches them all grow up and die, again and again, trying to make their lives a bit easier each time. He’s the one pulling the blanket over Feuilly when the latter falls asleep after a long day or whispering the answers to a test to Combeferre. He’s the one who brings then all together all over again and again and again.

But most of all he follows Enjolras because the bastard is a trouble magnet. And one day, around our time, as Enjolras tries to cross a busy street, Grantaire pulls him away from a reckless driver ready to run him over. And Enjolras blinks and, after having gathered himself, smiles :

“Wow thank you!”

Grantaire freezes, he has not been spoken to in 140 years.

“You – You can.. see me?”


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