So I had a mixed experience shopping today. Firstly I walked in and one of the first things I see is this little boy seeing a (new) Ghostbusters cake and being all OMG… which made me so happy because YES. SEE. Boys can totally love things with women as main characters and be interested in the merchandise and that’s so awesome.

Then I found everything I needed and got some bits super cheap and basically I can feed myself for over a week for less than £15 so I was feeling pretty good about my mad independence skillz.

Then I got yelled at by a middle aged man for not moving my basket off the conveyor belt IMMEDIATELY after scanning my last item… even though I would still have to pack my shopping away before he could do anything anyway and also the belt was broken and didn’t move anyway so ultimately why did it matter? You either have to pick your stuff up and move it a foot closer and wait for me to finish OR you wait for me to finish and then just pick it up from where it is and scan it… like either way you have to wait for me to finish. So ultimately what’s the issue here? Let me tell you. He was an angry middle aged asshole who wanted to yell at someone and saw a young woman shopping alone as a good target. 

So I gave as good as I got and walked out feeling super shaken (honestly I haven’t been spoken to like that in a very long time and for a few moments I really thought he might try to force me to move) but still pretty pleased I handled it without losing my temper or crying.

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