heyyyyy, i would love an exr au where one of them has to teach the other how to dance and it’s so frustrating because “he won’t fucking cooperate” and there’s the deal with sexual tension so one of them just snaps and. . . i’ll let you decide their fate ;)))) (love your work btw)


sorry this took a little while, life…is happening to me.  But!
Abuse of the fact that Grantaire is canonically a dancer!  Sexual tension!  Here we go!

one-two-three, that’s-my-foot, one-two-three, one-two—Enjolras!” Grantaire huffed,
doing an awkward sort of two-step to back up without releasing his grip on his
partner’s hand and waist.  “There are actually nerve endings in my toes,
do you mind?”

“I’m trying, you’re not telling me what to
do!”  Enjolras scowled down at the floor,
brow furrowed as he tried to place his feet, and tugged his hand out of
Grantaire’s.  Grantaire released him
without a fight, dropping his hand from Enjolras’ hip and immediately missing
the warmth.

“It’s a waltz, not brain surgery,” Grantaire
said.  “I told you what to do when we
started.  There are literally three steps
to this dance.”  Enjolras stopped, his
frown deepening until it seemed etched into his face, and Grantaire sighed.  “Come here, we can try again,” he said,
holding out his hand again.  “Your hand
on my shoulder, the other like this,” he coached, pulling Enjolras in
again.  “Come on, Apollo,” he said with
an attempt at an encouraging smile, “weren’t you valedictorian in high school?  You can do a waltz.”

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