Sweet & Early Enjoltaire Things


  • Enjolras’ lashes fluttering when he kisses Grantaire for the first time
  • Grantaire staring at Enjolras constantly with that “I can’t believe he’s dating me” look and Enjolras being like “What?” “Nothing.”
  • Grantaire ~forgetting~ his scarf at Enjolras’ and Enjolras wearing it for 6 months after that
  • Bonus point if he covers his nose with it when it gets cold
  • Hand holding under the table until one of them decides to put their hands on the table for everyone else to see
  • Enjolras being a blushing mess because romantic relationships are new and what happens if we fight? How do we make amends? I need guidance here!
  • Enjolras being very shy ine the morning after spending his first night at Grantaire’s, even though he’s known Joly, Bossuet and Musichetta for years
  • Grantaire doodling ridiculous art of Enjolras, but instead of hiding it, he sends them all to him via snapchat
  • Grantaire discovering Enjolras boundaries: “Is it okay if I kiss you here?” “Yes.” “There?” “Yup.” “Right here?” “Hm hm” “There?” “Yes…”

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