Hi sorry to bother you but can you think of any cute fluffy e/r dates? Thank you!!


  • Laser tags. Grantaire is either ruthless or surrendering to Enjolras. The important thing is, he always has a speech to the ready and acts it out to perfection. Enjolras just shoots him when he gets enough of it
  • Also works with paint ball
  • Art galeries, only because Enjolras’ art knowledge is below average and he wants to get involved in way Grantaire is passionate about. Also it’s always funny to get a outsider’s insight on things, and Enjolras rarely holds back his criticism
  • Cute café dates because Grantaire knows all the good places for whatever craving Enjolras has that day
  • Just good old cuddling on the bed or the couch date, been watching a bit of John Oliver or the Daily Show

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