I’m sorry you’re having a bad day. I’m Ari~ I have this headcannon about the brick where R has paintings/sketches of E all over the place and the people who don’t know E think it’s some Greek god so he just lets them because he doesn’t want to share

Hi Ari =) thanks for this.

Bless him, the first and only time he corrected someone they just laughed because ‘Guess you took some artistic liberty then’ and R doesn’t feel like explaining that no, that’s exactly how he sees Enjolras – mostly because he might then have to explain WHY that’s how he sees Enjolras. So the next time he just lets them think that it’s someone that sprung from his imagination or was inspired by mythology.

But what if then someone who has seen the pictures actually meets Enjolras and spills that he looks kind of similar to these characters that R has been drawing and R just goes pale and dashes out of the room (forgetting he left his sketchbook there) and Enjolras can’t help it, now someone has told him he has to look.

Meanwhile R is outside trying very hard not to hyperventilate because he can’t find his sketchbook in his bag and then Enjolras appears in the doorway all halo of blonde curls and the light behind him looking just like the pictures except he has the sketchbook in his hand and R is wishing the floor would swallow him up. But Enjolras comes over and hands him the book and he doesn’t look angry, actually he looks kind of shy which (weird).

Then he asks him “Is that really how you see me?” and R has to nod because he can’t lie to Enjolras when he’s looking at him like that… and Enj turns this adorable shade of pink and leans in to kiss him.


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