With all the reincarnation AUs going around for Les Mis, has anyone every thought of the boys returning to their original state, whereas they have no memories beyond their death after they are triggered?

Can you imagine?

Enjolras of course, is the first to have this happen to him. He suddenly faints like dead weight in the middle of a morning meeting, so the rest are all deeply concerned, and when he wakes up, he is absolutely terrified because

A.) He doesn’t have the same body
B.) These people are most definitely not his friends from the barricades
D.) What in gods name are they wearing? What is he wearing? Why is is hair so short?
E.) WHAT ARE YOU HOLDING COURFEYRAC (Its an iPhone Enjolras???)

And they are very confused and they realize that Grantaire had dropped a few moments after Enjolras as is currently squinting at everyone like they’re fuckin aliens

It goes in order backwards of their deaths, down to the very second.

Combeferre is in charge of writing down all allergies, pets, addresses and such as to make things easier for everyone else and so someone doesn’t fukin die eating a peanut after all this bs

That’s all I have right now but feel free to add on!


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