I just love the chicken bit 

This is 100% what would happen in Modern AU

Marius texts Cosette to tell her he’s at a protest and Valjean intercepts the text… maybe he sees on the news that the protest is getting out of hand… he goes along to get Marius and finds him knocked out… carries him home with the Amis trailing behind to make sure he’s okay… and after that his house just becomes their go to whenever shit hits the fan

Gavroche turns up with them one day. Eponine follows close behind her brother.

Meanwhile Javert is like 99.9% with all the coming and going that he’s running some sort of drug operation but he can’t prove it so he just glares at him suspiciously all the time…

Jean Valjean needs a holiday

He adopts ONE KID and now he has like 13 and an angry police officer


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