Im so d e a d because imagine enjolras and grantaire watching fireworks together
– R is the one who first spotted them when they were driving home together from his studio and he forced Enj to pull over
– E grumbles a little bit because he is tired and just wants to sleep but he looks over at Grantaire and the paints smeared in his hair, face, and his body match the colors of the fireworks, and the lights illuminate his entire profile and he has this look of absolute wonder on his face and Enjolras realizes he wouldn’t trade this moment for the world
– R might start to cry a little (tears of happiness though) because he looks over and sees Enjolras with the light of the fireworks catching in his eyes and his hair almost glowing from them with a tiny smile on his face and a look of absolute content and he realizes how happy he is and how he’s finally made it and looking over at Enjolras makes him think he would do everything all over again just for this
– By the end of the fireworks show they are both staring at each other and though the colorful lights have long stopped dancing across either of their faces they’re both still illuminated by contentment, love, and a sense of awe only witnessed by them and the moon and the stars
– After a little bit of reluctance they eventually get back into the car and soon enough stumble back into bed absolutely exhausted at an extremely unreasonable hour (and also tired eyes and sleepy kisses !!!!!!) but radiate a sense of utter fulfillment and happiness and love and just. maybe they disagree on a whole lot of things but they can agree that there’s moments like this that make everything worth it


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