Imagine Enjolras walking his dog and seeing R walking and the dog tangles them up together and it’s jut really cute and 😍😍


You know how people say dog owners look like their dogs? Well Enjolras has a magnificent and enthusiastic golden. 

Grantaire is having a jog in the park. Joly recently ultimatumed him about his smoking habits and he decided to quit. And since he got all fidgety, he thought that going for a run would be a good way to sweat the craving out. Except not jogging for approximately 24 years is not as easy as it sounds. An exceptional 15 minutes later, he’s breathless and spent when a goodie golden comes to say hi.

Naturally, Grantaire pets the good boy with his sweaty palms and the dog gleefully runs around his ankles… and his owner’s… trapping them one against the other.

Grantaire is suddenly keenly aware of how messy and sweaty he is and how he sticks to that handsome stranger. The handsome stranger is torn between embarassement and the lovely reddened cheekbones he’s practically touching by that point


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