All this technology is making us antisocial. [via]

#just to lay a little social history on you#trains were a huge cause of an uptick in interest in both newspapers and paperback books#suddenly people were trapped in a space with STRANGERS who might want to TALK#the second trains were invented humans also found ways to avoid other humans around them#your cellphone is not the problem#the problem is people (via theboycanthelpit)

Basically people don’t want to talk and make small talk and chat all the time. It’s exhausting. Carving out your own brain space in a crowded place isn’t wrong. You are under no obligation to give others attention or conversation. I took the bus for years and did my best to avoid talking to strangers due to extreme social anxiety and also just wanting room in my own head for me for a while.

I have a communication degree. One area of study I encountered was about the necessity for humans to create barriers of some kind in spaces that force them to be uncomfortably close to strangers. It’s not a problem; it promotes mental health. It’s why people waiting at airport gates do things like holding pillows and leaning as far away from other people as possible, because the amount of space provided isn’t enough to be healthy.

Thank you so much for that last comment.

You know what’s best about this though? 

Even though we don’t talk, we all understand each other. 

We’re all thinking the same thing, and we give each other the same space. 

#this goes hand in hand with why retail is so exhausting   #as a retail worker you HAVE no personal space   #everyone who walks in to your restaurant/store is liable to talk to you   #and you have to be social for six to eight to heck even ten hrs at a time   (via homebeccer)


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