Art museum au with grantaire working in the gift shop bc he knows everything abt art but hes not charismatic enough and tour guide enjolras who has to memorize information but hes Suave and grantaire always corrects him after his shift.


I think he’d be charismatic enough, but he doesn’t have the qualifications to occupy that position. He went to Art school, but he didn’t do to the Art History degree. He’s an artist, not a scholar. He knows everything because he’s passionate about it and has read a lot, but it’s not a formal education.

And then there’s Michelangelo’s David roaming in the Museum. He’s surreal, it’s like someone breathed life into a piece of art and let it comment on its sisters. 

The only way Grantaire finds to approach him is literally to… criticise him. And he thought he’d be smooth in a “let me tell you more around a cup of coffee” way. But his wording is chosen… very poorly and Enjolras can’t help but be offended. He would normally accept the criticism gladly and cherish the info, but that guy looks so smug he just nopes out.

Ensues a rivalry within the museum.

Grantaire sometimes “presents” the artwork “Enjolras” with a pompous voice just to piss him off. “I’m not a piece of art, go back to your shop!” “Yes you are, and we’re havin a slow day”


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