30 Day Drabble Challenge: ExR ~ Look

“Grantaire, it’s cold!” Enjolras whined.
“Ssh, just come on!”

He would have found it adorable if he wasn’t looking up at the sky instead of at his multi-jumper and hoodie clad boyfriend. It was a little known fact that Enjolras hated the cold, and it was one of the little things about him that Grantaire clung to, and that made him love him so damn much.

“Okay, here’s good,” he stopped pulling on Enjolras’ arm, sliding his hand down instead to link their fingers together, still staring upwards. They were stood in the middle of a field, and what it was about this particular spot that made it better than any other was lost on Enjolras entirely.

“’Aire,” he said, clearly trying to sound calm, “Are you going to explain why you dragged me out of bed, told me to wrap up, bundled me into the car and drove me to the middle of nowhere?”

“Sssh look,” replied Grantaire, and then suddenly, “There!” and his arm flew upwards, pointing at the sky. On instinct Enjolras turned to look, but saw nothing.

“There’s nothing there,”

“That’s because you weren’t looking!” He sighed, and continued to stare at the patch of sky Grantaire had been pointing to.

“What exactly am I looking for?” he huffed, wrapping his arms around himself, shivering slightly in the cold night air, and Grantaire untangled their fingers, moving instead to wrap his arms snugly around his boyfriends waist, resting his head on his shoulder.

“Just keep looking,” he whispered, and a moment later there was a small but brilliant flash of light across the sky; Enjolras let out a cry of surprise and – Grantaire detected – a hint of delight. He turned slightly in his grasp to stare wide eyed at him.

“I’ve never seen one before,” he said, and Grantaire nodded; he knew. He shuffled even closer behind him, pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Keep looking,” he said quietly, “And remember to make a wish,” Enjolras snorted, but he turned his head to face the sky again, watching intently. He jumped, smiled and shouted with each new shooting star, and after a time Grantaire stopped looking at the sky altogether.

It wasn’t like he needed to make a wish anyway.


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