30 Day Drabble Challenge: Enjolras/ExR ~ Winter

Contrary to popular belief, Enjolras hates mornings. It’s unsurprising that nobody knows this, he never mentions it, and despite his aversion to it, he’s always up obscenely early; Grantaire’s words but he silently agrees. It’s perfectly logical for the others to think him somehow immune to the after effects of a warm bed and good sleep; the truth is he rises early because he must; because otherwise he might never get up at all.

Grantaire is the only one in a position to discover this, and he either wakes far too late in the day or else is in such a foul mood himself he simply doesn’t notice. However, regardless of whether anyone knows this fact, it remains a fact. Enjolras hates mornings.

Enjolras especially hates winter mornings; having to pull himself out of the comfort of his bed, and – more often than not – his partner’s embrace, to step into the cold winter air, is not his idea of a good beginning to a day.

In fact he rather thinks he hates the winter season in general. Everything is grey and muddy and wet; half their meetings get cut short because nobody wants to walk home in the dark and the rain. When it’s not content to simply be those things, it’s also bitingly cold and icy; and if he scuffs one more jacket after slipping over and falling gracelessly to the ground, he may scream. He doesn’t care how much harder that might cause his unsympathetic boyfriend to laugh


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