ExR ~ Louvre-Lens AU

“It’s quite an impressive piece,” he said suddenly, shocking himself. If the man was surprised by his presence there however, he did not show it. He did not even glance away from his pad; pen still moving furiously across the page.
“You must think so too,” he tried again, “I always see you sat here,”

There was a beat, in which the man paused in his action.

“I find it… inspiring,” was the reply, and he finally looked up, though not to meet Grantaire’s gaze. He had eyes only for the Lady Liberty. And what eyes! They shone with fire.

“You’re an artist?”

“An activist,”

“Planning your very own revolution are you?” he asked with a laugh in his voice. The man went back to his writing, but the lightest of smiles had appeared on his face.

“Something like that,” he said after a moment, and silence fell again between them, broken only occasionally by slow footsteps, of other visitors, on the polished floor. Grantaire lifted his eyes to the Delacroix for a moment. It seemed to him that Liberty herself shone brighter even than the sunbathed clouds behind her. 

‘Yes’ he thought, staring back down at the man, a splash of gold and red on a pure white backdrop. ‘I think I could imagine something like that’.


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