Les Mis/Leverage AU:
Grifter – Enjolras

“So what do we need to know about this guy,” asked Cosette from where she was sitting(?) upside down on an armchair.
“Enjolras,” answered Grantaire, “Is a grifter. The best. He focusses mainly on private collections. Gains the trust of the owners to get access to their homes or private museums. He has successfully made off with some of the world’s most valuable works of art, and he has never been caught,” there was a murmur of approval around the room that made Grantaire roll his eyes, the last time he had given this speech the reaction had been very different.
“Anyway,” he continued, “He operates across all of Europe, but seems to favour and is most wanted, in France. The French police have nicknamed him l’arnacoeur,”
“The Hustler?” asked Combeferre.
“Coeur,” repeated Grantaire, “The Heartbreaker. He forms very close relationships with his victims in order to gain their trust. It’s sometimes hard to determine whether they’re more upset about the loss of the art or him. He can be very… charming,”
“That how he pulled the wool over your eyes?” Eponine asked with a snigger; this was followed by muffled laughter from the rest of the room. Grantaire set his jaw and pointedly ignored her question; keeping his mind firmly on the task ahead and not on the past.


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