Les Mis/Leverage AU:
Hitters – Jehan & Bahorel

“They know our faces now, we’re going to need some new blood,” Grantaire settled himself down in his desk chair, “I’ve got an idea for one, but for the plan to work I’m going to need another.” Silence followed this as each member of the group looked at one another in turn.
“What are we looking for exactly?” Combeferre asked and Grantaire turned thoughtful.
“We need to get in pretty close, they’ll need to seem unthreatening as possible” he replied slowly, “But, if things go sour, they need to be able to handle it,” he glanced around the room “Trustworthy but tough,”
Eponine and Cosette both shrugged in unison, “We don’t get out much,” Eponine said, and Cosette added “Not socially anyway,” Combeferre nodded his head at them as if to say, ‘same’.
Bahorel however, pulled a phone from his pocket with a smile, “I know just the man,” he said.


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