Les Mis/Leverage AU:
Mastermind – Grantaire

Just one more. It had become a mantra of sorts. Just one more and maybe you’ll forget. Just one more and maybe it’ll stop hurting. Just one more and maybe you’ll… he grinned sardonically to himself. What would Amelie say to that? “Don’t do the ones you’re chasing a favour. Irritate them by simply existing. Exist to catch them,” and she’d steal his drink from him, down it in one and stalk off with a smirk. 
He sighed and ran a finger around the rim of his latest glass. She wasn’t here, but he could still recall her voice with perfect clarity. Low, roughed up by years of cigarette smoke and drink. She was one to talk to him about his vices; but then she had always placed more value on his health than on her own.
“Sorry sis,” he muttered, raising the glass in a toast, “There’s nobody left to irritate,” and he made to bring the glass to his lips. A hand got in his way.
“"I wouldn’t say there’s nobody left…”


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