Les Mis/Leverage AU:
Thieves – Cosette & Eponine

“You’ve got Blackbird and Lark,”
“Yes… Why is there someone better?”
“Well not exactly but…” Grantaire paused, and he tried not to think too hard about Venice two years previously; but the back of his head was starting to ache as if from memory, “They’re insane,” he concluded and the man across from him laughed.
“That much we’ve established, but my boss wanted the best, we’ve got the best. The best fighter, the best hacker and the best thieves… and now we need you,“ 
"The best drinker?” said Grantaire with raised eyebrows.
“You know these guys, you’ve chased them all at one time or another,” said Lewis, “Who better to lead them; to keep them in line?”
Grantaire stared down at the files in his hand, the names of Cosette Fauchelevent and Eponine Thenardier leaping out at him, and thought that this Mr Phillips had clearly never tried to keep anyone like them in line before.


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