hi!!! i don’t know if you still write under request (if you don’t: sorry, ignore me), but i’m feeling pretty horrible today and i was wondering if you could write some enjoltaire tooth-rotting fluff??? it always cheer me up and you’re, like, my favourite writer in the fandom. if you have the time and if you want, of course?? or just ignore my petty requests, i’m just having a bad week, that’s all


Ooooohhhh bean, don’t put yourself down T.T Of course I’m gonna give you some tooth-rotting Enjoltaire ♥ I hope you’ll enjoy it!

“This is stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid!”

“Joly’s orders, not mine,” Grantaire said flatly, not raising his eyes from his book.

“Stupid orders and stupid diagnosis,” Enjolras fumed, closer to a petulant child that an adult.

It was caffeine deprivation talking. Joly had been adamant: Enjolras was to limit himself to one cup of coffee a day if he wanted his peaking tension to get better. For someone who was 60% hair and 40% coffee, Enjolras had taken the news… badly was not the word. Like a death sentence, more like.

He was getting more unbearable by the day. Thank god he didn’t smoke or the apartment would be smelling like an ashtray by that point.

“I can’t do anything! It’s like… 10PM! This is doing nothing for my tension, let me tell you! I have so much work to do and I can’t even focus! I’m just useless and exhausted and-”

Grantaire put his book down and left the couch. Enjolras was still rambling when warm hands dropped on his shoulders, rubbing them gently. The desk was littered with books, notes and post-its. It was a mountain of work yes, but Enjolras didn’t have to climb it tonight.

“Maybe you’ll manage to catch a really good night of sleep tonight,” Grantaire suggested softly. “When was the last time you had one of those?”

“Like you can talk.”

“Art never sleeps, mon ange. I’m merely the vessel to its will, and its will sometimes compels me to make collages and ramen noodles at 3AM”

Enjolras snorted, unconvinced. A kiss fell on top of his head.

“Come,” Grantaire said. “This isn’t happening tonight anyway.”

Defeated, a very drowsy Enjolras followed Grantaire back to the couch and sprawled sloppily on top of his boyfriend, his body drained of any kind of strength. He felt heavy on Grantaire, but it was not an unpleasant pressure. At least he could help Enjolras carry that burden, even if that burden was Enjolras’ body itself. Grantaire played with the blond curls absentmindedly.

“How do people survive without caffeine? I don’t get it. Don’t people have shit to do? I thought caffeine crashes were a myth!”

“You can’t exactly experience caffeine crashes if you’re constantly sustaining your coffee intake, mon ange.”

Enjolras fondled Grantaire’s chest closer, muffling a yawn against his t-shirt.

“Nonsense. Never should have stopped coffee. Big mistake. Very big. Mistake.”

The only nonsense in that was Enjolras’ syntax. Grantaire rubbed his back slowly, coaxing him into relaxing a bit. Enjolras was five minutes away from dozing off, anyway.

“You can’t save the world if you’re a caffeine crazed zombie. Zombies aren’t people.”

“Zombies are people!” Enjolras protested, though weakly.

“Sleep. I’ll carry you to bed.”

“It’s only 10 PM..”

No sooner had Enjolras slurred that sentence that his head lolled against Grantare. The mighty had fallen.


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